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Clara Schumann Clara Schumann

Trio in g minor, Op. 17
Listen, don't worry about whether or not the music sounds coherent to you the first time you hear it. What about the first time you hear a sentence in Hungarian? -- assuming you're interested in listening to and learning Hungarian. Milton Babbitt

Beethoven, 14 Variations, Op. 44 (for Piano Trio)

January 20th, 2013

Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770-1827

14 Variations (on an original theme), Op. 44, ca. 1792

Ludwig van BeethovenBeethoven’s 14 Variations on an original theme for piano, violin and cello were published as Op. 44 in 1804 but there are sketches of the work dating back as far as 1792, the year now conventionally assigned as the composition date. In 1792, Beethoven was a mere 22 years old, still living in Bonn and yet three years away from publishing his official first opus, a set of three full-blown four-movement piano trios. It is not known how much Beethoven might have edited Op. 44 before its publication in 1804 but if 1792 witnessed the majority its creation, it is the earliest of Beethoven’s compositions you are likely to hear on the concert stage. Descriptions of the piece have included disclaimers such as “early”, “not as revolutionary as mature Beethoven”, “nothing profound here” and even “conventional”, but such comments overlook something essential. In this single-movement piece lasting some 14 minutes, there is already the craft, range, development and originality to mark Beethoven as a phenomenon as well as highlighting his unsurpassed lifelong mastery of the theme and variations form. « more »

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