Nationiality: English
309 Composer(s)
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Composer   Dates   Nationality(ies) Works
Addison, John1920-1998 (78)English3
Ad├Ęs, Thomas1971 (46)English7
Adson, Johnc.1587-1640 (53)English1
Allison, Richardc.1570-c.1610 (40)English13
Alwyn, William1905-1985 (79)English23
ApIvor, Denis1916-2004 (88)English14
Arkwright, Marian1863-1922 (59)English6
Arne, Thomas1710-1778 (68)English8
Arnell, Richard1917-2009 (91)English14
Arnold, Malcolm1921-2006 (84)English26
Ashton, Algernon1859-1937 (77)English18
Attwood, Thomas1765-1838 (72)English4
Austin, Ernest1874-1947 (72)English4
Avison, Charles1709-1770 (61)English24
Babell, Williamc.1690-1723 (33)English2
Bache, Edward1833-1858 (24)English3
Bailey, Judith Margaret1941 (76)English9
Bainbridge, Simon1952 (65)English5
Bainton, Edgar1880-1956 (76)English5
Baldwin, Johnc.1560-1615 (55)English3
Bantock, Granville1868-1946 (78)English15
Barnett, John Francis1837-1916 (79)English3
Barns, Ethel1874-1948 (74)English8
Bate, Stanley1911-1959 (47)English10
Bax, Arnold1883-1953 (69)English36
Bedford, David Vickerman1937-2011 (74)English4
Bell, William Henry1873-1946 (72)English8
Benedict, Julius1804-1885 (80)English | German4
Benjamin, George1960 (57)English4
Bennett, Richard1936-2012 (76)English46
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