Ernest Bloch

1880-1959 (79)
Born: July 24, 1880
Died: July 15, 1959
Ernest  Bloch
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33 work(s)

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Schelomo - Hebraic Rhapsody (for cello and piano)1915-191636
String Quartet No. 1191636
Suite (for viola and piano)191939
Violin Sonata No. 1192040
Baal shem (Nigun) (for violin and piano)192343
Piano Quintet No. 11921-192343
3 Nocturnes (Piano Trio)192444
From Jewish Life (for cello and piano)192444
Méditation hébraïque (for cello and piano)192444
Nuit exotique (for violin and piano)192444
Violin Sonata No. 2, Poème mystique192444
Landscapes [Paysages] (String Quartet)192545
In the Mountains (String Quartet)192545
Night (String Quartet)192545
Prelude (String Quartet)192545
Abodah (A Yom Kippur Melody) (for violin and piano)192949
Melody (for violin and piano)192949
Abodah [Avoda] (for violin and piano)192949
String Quartet No. 2194565
Suite hébraïque (for viola and piano)195070
2 Pieces (String Quartet)1938-195070
Concertino (for flute, clarinet and piano)195070
2 Pieces (for viola and piano)195171
String Quartet No. 3195272
String Quartet No. 4195373
Suite No. 1 (for solo cello)195676
Suite No. 2 (for solo cello)195676
String Quartet No. 5195676
Piano Quintet No. 2195777
Suite No. 3 (for solo cello)195777
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