Bright Sheng


1955-      (61)
Born: December 6, 1955
Bright  Sheng

16 work(s)

Work  Date(s)  Age 
New Work (String Quartet)
String Quartet No. 1198429
String Quartet No. 2198429
3 Pieces (for violin and piano)198631
Four Movements for Piano Trio (Piano Trio)199035
String Quartet No. 3199338
Concertino (for clarinet and string quartet)199439
Seven Tunes Heard in China (for solo cello)199540
3 Songs (for pipa and cello)199944
String Quartet No. 4, Silent Temple200045
Tibetan Dance (for clarinet, violin and piano)200146
Three Fantasies (for violin and piano)200550
A Night at the Chinese Opera (for violin and piano)200550
Sweet May Again (for bass and piano)200752
String Quartet No. 5, The Miraculous200752
Northern Lights (for cello and piano)200954