Uri Brener

1974-      (43)
Born: July 17, 1974
Uri  Brener
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24 work(s)

Work  Date(s)  Age 
Piece in Romantic Style (for cello and piano)198915
Barren Landscape (for tuba and piano)199016
Little Wind Quintet199117
Triptych (Piano Trio)199117
Sacrifice (for soprano, violin and piano)199117
Fantasia (for cello and piano)199319
Preludium, Fantasia and Fuga (for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, cello, bass, percussion and 2 pianos)199319
Three Ballet Scenes (for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, marimba and piano)199622
Dialogues (for bassoon and cello)1990-199723
Sketches (for violin and piano)199824
Riddles (for clarinet and piano)199824
When Stones Dream (for oboe, horn, cello and piano)199824
On the other side of sound (for string quintet and wind quintet)199824
Auka (for violin, cello, clarinet and piano)200430
Barren Landscape (for cello and piano)200430
Dialogues (for violin and cello)200430
Triptych (for clarinet, bassoon and piano)200430
Vocalise (for horn and piano)200531
EXODOS (for clarinet, horn, violin and piano)200531
Viola Sonata200531
String Quartet No. 21991-200531
Perelandra Tale (for clarinet, violin and piano)200632
String Quartet No. 11990-200632
String Quartet No. 3, Spring Quartet2007-200834