Work(s) for Clarinet Trio

27 composer(s), 31 work(s)

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Trio in a minor, Op. 40 (for cello, piano and clarinet)Carl Frühling (1868-1937)
Trio, Op. 53 (for clarinet, violin and piano)Karol Rathaus (1895-1954)
Trio in E-flat major, K. 498, Kegelstatt (for clarinet, viola and piano)1786 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)30
Trio, Op. 44 (for clarinet, cello and piano)1803Anton Eberl (1765-1807)38
Grand Trio in E-flat major, Op. 36 (for cello, piano and clarinet)pub. 1806Anton Eberl (1765-1807)41
Trio in B-flat major, Op. 15 (for clarinet, cello and piano)c.1810 Eduard von Lannoy (1787-1853)23
Trio in E-flat major (for clarinet, cello and piano)1814 Archduke Rudolph of Austria (1788-1831)26
Trio in d minor, Op. 3 (for clarinet, cello and piano)1896Alexander Zemlinsky (1871-1942)25
Adagio, II. Satz aus dem Kammerkonzert (for clarinet, violin and piano)1925Alban Berg (1885-1935)40
Divertimento (for clarinet, cello and piano)1933, rev. 1965Cesar Bresgen (1913-1988)20
Trio (for clarinet, cello and piano)1935Leopold Spinner (1906-1980)29
Kleines Konzert (for clarinet, viola and piano)1937, rev. 1988Alfred Uhl (1909-1992)28
Trio, Op. 108 (for violin, clarinet and piano)1946Ernst Krenek (1900-1991)46
Clarinet Trio, Op. 97 (for clarinet, violin and piano)1950Hans Gál (1890-1987)60
Wilde Myrte (for clarinet, cello and piano)1952 Maria Bach (1896-1978)56
Hasidic Fantasy (for clarinet, cello and piano)1956Joachim Stutschewsky (1891-1982)65
Trio (for clarinet, cello and piano)1964Robert Starer (1924-2001)40
Divertimento (for clarinet, viola and piano)1973Heinrich Gattermeyer (1923-     )50
Trio (for violin, clarinet and piano)1975, rev. 1978Martin Bjelik (1940-     )35
Trio No. 1 (for violin, clarinet and piano)1978Thomas Christian David (1925-2006)53
A Tre (for violin, clarinet and piano)1984Gerhard Schedl (1957-2000)27
Altungarische Hofballmusik [Old Hungarian Court Ball Music], Op. 115b (for clarinet, cello and piano)1985Jenő Takács (1902-2005)83
Schubertliede (for violin, clarinet and piano)1987Thomas Christian David (1925-2006)62
Before Beethoven (Clarinet Trio) (for clarinet, cello and piano)1989Karl Kohn (1926-     )63
Trio No. 2 (for violin, clarinet and piano)1989Thomas Christian David (1925-2006)64
Aer (for clarinet, cello and piano)1991Beat Furrer (1954-     )37
Verdehr-Trio (for clarinet, violin and piano)1992Gottfried von Einem (1918-1996)74
Trio (for clarinet, viola and piano)1994Helmut Eder (1916-2005)78
Trio (for violin, clarinet and piano)1995Thomas Christian David (1925-2006)70
5 Stücke (for clarinet, cello and piano)2000Friedrich Cerha (1926-     )74
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