David  Maslanka

David Maslanka (1943)

Nationality: American
Born: August 30, 1943, New Bedford, MA (age 74)
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2000 Quintet for Winds No. 3
1999 Oboe Sonata
1998 Mountain Roads (Saxophone Quartet)
1998 Song Book (for alto sax and marimba)
1997 Horn Sonata (for horn and piano)
1995 Montana Music: Trio (Piano Trio)
1993 Montana Music: Fantasy on a Chorale Tune (for violin and viola)
1990 Nocturne (for violin and piano)
1989 Sonata (Sax Sonata) (for alto sax and piano)
1987 Quintet for Winds No. 2
1987 Arise! (Brass Quintet) (for 2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones)
1987 Images From 'The Old Gringo' (for violin, clarinet and piano)
1984 Quintet for Winds No. 1
1980 Fourth Piece (for clarinet and piano)
1978 String Quartet
1978 Cello Songs (for cello and piano)
1977 Orpheus (for 2 bassoons and marimba)
1976 Three Pieces (for clarinet and piano)
1974 Pray for Tender Voices in the Darkness (for harp and piano)
1973 Trio No. 2 (for viola, clarinet and piano)
1972 Trio No. 1 (for violin, clarinet and piano)
1972 Duo (for flute and piano)
Quintet for Winds No. 4
Tears (for viola, cello, bassoon and piano)
Arcadia (for 4 cellos)
Blue Mountain Meadow; Missoula, Montana (for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano)
Music for Dr. Who (for bassoon and piano)
Recitation Book for Saxophone Quartet (Saxophone Quartet)
Bassoon Sonata (for bassoon and piano)