Lubor Bárta

1928-1972 (44)
Born: August 8, 1928, Lubná
Died: November 5, 1972, Prague
Lubor  Bárta

20 work(s)

Work  Date(s)  Age 
Divertimento (Wind Quintet)194921
Violin Sonata in G major195022
String Quartet No. 1195022
Sonatina (Violin Sonata) in G major195224
Brass Quintet (for 2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones)195628
Piano Trio in C major195628
Wind Quintet No. 1195628
String Quartet No. 2195729
Clarinet Sonata195830
Ballad and Burlesque (for cello and piano)196335
Concertino (for trombone and piano)196436
4 Compositions (for oboe, clarinet and piano)196537
Flute Sonata196638
4 Pieces (for violin and guitar)196638
String Quartet No. 3196739
3 Pieces (for cello and piano)196840
Violin Sonata196941
Wind Quintet No. 2196941
Amoroso (for horn and piano)197143
Cello Sonata197244