Siegfried Barchet

1918-1982 (63)
Born: May 21, 1918
Died: April 17, 1982

11 work(s)

Work  Date(s)  Age 
5 Miniatures (String Quartet)
Flute Quartet in D major (for flute, violin, viola and cello)
Quodlibet (Wind Quintet)
String Trio in C major
Oboe Quartet in A major (for oboe, violin, viola and cello)
Cello Sonata in F major
Nonchalance (for cello and piano)
Nocturne (for cello and piano)
Divertimento (for 2 violins and viola)
Introduction and Burleske (for bassoon, violin, viola and cello)
Duo in a minor, Op. 7 (for violin and cello)