Richard Gavin Bryars

1943-      (74)

7 work(s)

Work  Date(s)  Age 
Intermezzo (for cello, piano and clarinet)
String Quartet No. 1, Between the National and the Bristol198542
String Quartet No. 2199047
String Quartet No. 4, A Man in a Room, Gambling199249
In Nomine after Purcell (Viol Consort) (for 2 treble viols, 2 tenor viols and 2 bass viols)199552
String Quartet No. 3199855
Lachrimae Crepusculae (after Dowland) (Viol Consort) (for treble viol, 2 tenor viols, 2 bass viols and lute)c.200461