Bright Sheng


1955-      (61)
Born: December 6, 1955, Shanghai
Bright  Sheng

14 work(s)

Work  Date(s)  Age 
New Work (String Quartet)
3 Pieces (for violin and piano)198631
Four Movements for Piano Trio (Piano Trio)199035
String Quartet No. 3199338
Concertino (for clarinet and string quartet) (Clarinet Quintet)199439
Seven Tunes Heard in China (for solo cello)199540
3 Songs (for pipa and cello)199944
String Quartet No. 4, Silent Temple200045
Tibetan Dance (for clarinet, violin and piano)200146
Three Fantasies (for violin and piano)200550
A Night at the Chinese Opera (for violin and piano)200550
Sweet May Again (for bass and piano)200752
String Quartet No. 5, The Miraculous200752
Northern Lights (for cello and piano)200954