Work(s) for Clarinet Quintet

43 composer(s), 44 work(s)

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Date   Composer  Duration  Work 
1992-1995John Bavicchi (1922-2012) Clarinet Quintet, Op. 109
199510:00John Corigliano (1938) Soliloquy (for clarinet and string quartet)
199518:00Joan Tower (1938) Turning Points (Clarinet Quintet)
1995Harald Genzmer (1909-2007) Clarinet Quintet
1995Franco Mannino (1924-2005) Clarinet Quintet
1994Francis Routh (1927) Clarinet Quintet, Op. 61
199420:00Isang Yun (1917-1995) Clarinet Quintet No. 2
199435:00Osvaldo Golijov (1960) The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind (for Klezmer clarinet and string quartet)
1994Osvaldo Golijov (1960) K'vakarat (Clarinet Quintet)
199418:00Bright Sheng (1955) Concertino (for clarinet and string quartet)
1994Celso Garrido-Lecca (1926) Amaru (Clarinet Quintet)
1993Judith Margaret Bailey (1941) Clarinet Quintet, Op. 47
1993Simon Bainbridge (1952) Clarinet Quintet
199218:00Magnus Lindberg (1958) Clarinet Quintet
1992Richard Bennett (1936-2012) Clarinet Quintet
1992Kelly-Marie Murphy (1964) Life Passes in Transformation (Clarinet Quintet)
1992Robert Crawford (1925-2012) Clarinet Quintet
1992Frank Beyer (1928-2008) Clarinet Quintet
1992Robert Starer (1924-2001) Clarinet Quintet
199215:00Robert Aldridge (1954) Three Folksongs (Clarinet Quintet)
1991James MacMillan (1959) Tuireadh (Clarinet Quintet)
1991Charles Camilleri (1931-2009) Clarinet Quintet
1989-1990Ben-Zion Orgad (1926-2006) Filigree No. 1, (for clarinet, 2 violins, viola and cello)
199018:00Ellen Taaffe Zwilich (1939) Clarinet Quintet
1990Shlomo Yoffe (1909-1995) Paraphrase on Hassidic Melody (Clarinet Quintet)
1990François Morel (1926) Figures-Segments-Ellipses (Clarinet Quintet)
198919:22Bruce Adolphe (1955) At the Still Point, There the Dance is (for Clarinet and String Quartet)
1989, rev. 1994Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras (1927-2012) Clarinet Quintet
1989Joelle Wallach (1946) Clarinet Quintet
1989Aldo Clementi (1925-2011) Impromptu (Clarinet Quintet)
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